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Documents show up on the administrators Pending document page after an employee closes and submits a leave document.

Leave administrators have the authority to take the following actions against documents.

  • Perform an administrative review and OK a document.
  • Review and Approve a leave document.
  • Reject the document back to the employee.
  • Cancel a leave document.
  • Alter the FMLA, Parental Leave, or Parent Teacher Conference flag on a document item.

The following actions can be taken against all documents (even if they are not on the pending documents page).

  • Cancel a leave document
  • Alter the FMLA, Parental Leave,  or Parent Teacher Conference flag on a document item.

Performing administrative review

The purpose of the administrative review is to insure that the employee's use of leave is within policy, and to insure that FMLA leave is coded properly.  Once this is done, the "Review OK" button can be pressed.

Documents can be reviewed and OK'ed directly from the pending documents tab, or the administrator can perform this function by selecting the document and performing the "review" function from the document update tab.

Review and Approve

Use this button if you want to complete the review and also indicate that all manual/paper signatures for the document have been obtained .  Pressing this button removes the document from the routing system and marks it completed.  No more electronic approvals are required or permitted.  In using this button, the administrator is indicating that an approved paper document exists on file.

Rejecting Documents

You may also reject documents.  If the document is rejected, the employee should follow up and either a) Change and resubmit the document, or b) Cancel the document.

Canceling Documents

Canceling a document is a final action on a document.  No more actions can be taken on a document after it has been cancelled.  Canceling is normally used if the employee withdraws their request for leave or the leave is never taken for some other reason.  A document can also be canceled so you can "start over".

Changing the FMLA or Parental Leave Status

If you determine that the leave counts towards the employee's annual FMLA entitlement, you may change the FMLA flag on the appropriate document item.  This can be done at any time on a document.  If the employee is not eligible for FMLA, but is eligible for parental leave, you may also indicate this leave is for Parental Leave.