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This screen is used to set a user's application preferences.  This screen is available to employees and managers and each role has a different view of the screen.  The screen is also accessible from the Employee Overview to facilitate managing the preferences of an employee by managers and administrators.

Employee View

Employee View Tips

Note that while the Language Preference is presented as an option, but the application has not been translated into the Spanish language, so English is used regardless of this setting.

Employees can receive email messages from TimeTraq each time his/her Timesheet is approved/rejected by a manager or when the approval process is complete by selecting the desired option on this screen.

Employees can also specify a "short submit" path, which directs the employee directly to the Certification and Submission tab upon Timesheet submission bypassing the overview tabs.

Manager View

Manager View Tips

A manager may also be an employee in the sense that they complete hourly Timesheets, in which case the Preferences screen would permit setting employee preferences as well.

  • Note that manager-specific screens are not localized for language, so the Language Preference does not apply to manager-specific screens.

A manager can be notified when new items arrive in their TimeTraq inbox in various ways, as set on this screen.

A manager can also control whether they are notified when other managers for whom he/she is a Delegate have their inboxes updated.

General Screen Tips


Security Notes

Only Employees and Managers have Preferences, though this screen is available to all roles that also have access to the Employee Overview screen.  Note that managers may not set other managers' preferences that are specific to that role.